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Our Story

SiliconCFO was started due to a pressing need many startup founders have: there are substantial financial requirements founders need to fulfill and most founders either can't or won't do the necessary work. For the founders who get the work done, it is typically done reluctantly.

What is a siliconCFO?

To a startup founder or small firm CEO, a silicon CFO acts as his or her co-pilot in the company’s ascent to its goals. With some predefined responsibilities and some freedom to work on other projects that come up, the CFOs are able to very effectively fill the company’s financial management needs while providing strategic advice in other areas.


Silicon CFOs will sit in on internal meetings to provide their insights and concerns, work independently on projects or to prepare for upcoming deadlines, and collaborate with the team on vital issues. Think of your silicon CFO as a part-time team member who utilizes a host of outside resources to fill multiple roles, both high-level and day-to-day.






  • Setup of QuickBooks Online, payroll, and expensing software

  • Ongoing bookkeeping work, accruals, deferrals, and more

  • Monthly reconciliations

  • Monthly financial statements

Accounts Management

  • Sending invoices

  • Receivables collections

  • Receiving invoices from vendors

  • Paying vendors

Filings and Taxes

  • 1099s

  • Federal and State Taxes

CFO-level Work and Advisory

  • Cash management

  • Forecasting

  • Cap table management

  • Budgeting

  • Inventory management advisory

  • Pricing strategy

  • Financing advisory

  • Risk management

  • Best use of funds and free cash-flow

  • Much more...

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Who We Are

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